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Eugene GIS User Guide Index to Geographic Information
Welcome to the Eugene GIS User Guide Index to Geographic Information.
This application was developed to assist users of Geographic Information System (GIS) data by providing information about available GIS layers and associated attributes. A key finding of the City's GIS Strategic Plan was that City staff need easy-to-access information on what GIS data are available, where data are located, how often data are updated and by whom. Staff also needs information about GIS layers and attributes that facilitate effective use of GIS data. This application addresses that need and results in broader use and benefit from GIS within the City of Eugene.

Given that this application is web-based, it is accessible from the City Intranet, GeoDART, RLID and potentially many other desktop applications. The structure of the application provides levels of information, from general to specific, using a "drill-down" approach. Beginning with a list of the categories of GIS layers of most interest to Eugene users, the user can obtain a listing of all layers in a category by clicking on the category title. Next, the user can get an overview of the layer of interest, a more detailed description and listing of associated attributes (textual data elements associated with the GIS layer), and a key to the meaning of various codes or values an attribute item may contain. The information that this application displays is derived from a GIS metadata database that is regularly updated by GIS technical staff. Problems with the information provided or suggestions for improvement of this application may be reported to .

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