Layer Details
Eugene GIS User Guide Eugene Major Streets layer overview
Common Name: Eugene Major Streets
Geofile PathName: Gisrv106\eugenegeo.EUGADM.Transportation_FD\eugenegeo.EUGADM.Travway
Short Description:
Name and Location of Shapefile:
Detailed Description:
Layer Maintained by: City of Eugene Public Works Engineering
Frequency or Standard for Updates:
Last Updated: 2014/08/01
Technical Overview
Data Type: Shapefile
Spatial Domain: City of Eugene
Coordinate System: Oregon State Plane Coordinates, South Zone
Coordinate System Units: Feet
Coordinate Range: MinX:4208664 MinY: 854964 MaxX: 4257864 MaxY: 912364
Datum: NAD83/91
Attribute Descriptions:
ACCESS_CNT Streets designated as having limited eggress and ingress.
AIRSNAME Concantenated items DIR, NAME, TYPE
FCLASS Numeric Functional Classification of street segment from PMS database.
MAINT Organization responsible for maintenance.
METHOD How the digital data was collected.
ONEWAY Direction of traffic flow. Based on flow direction of the line. Nodes are at the lines' endpoints.
OWNER Agency with legal jurisdiction or "ownership" of the street.
PAVED Is the street paved?
SNOWROUTE Numeric value that coresponds to the priority for ice and snow removal on that road.
SOURCE Which agency supplied the digital GIS data.
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